Structure / Bill of Materials

The spine of your information

It all starts with a project, you come up with an idea and define a project to manage it. Then you break it down into smaller pieces, you organize it and create a structure. Then the data generating begins.

In uiProject, information is organized in the same logical steps: You pick the project you want to work in and use the Bill of Materials to browse your information. This way you always feel at home, you are always aware of where you are and you can always find what you are looking for.

You can easily switch on filters to the BOM to limit the list of articles. Of all the 249 articles perhaps you are only interested in the 12 you are responsible for, or perhaps only the 27 articles that are not currently approved.

Documents, documents, documents

The more, the merrier

If a document you create has a connection to a specific article, an assembly or even to the encompassing project, there's a place for it in uiProject. It doesn't matter what file format your document has or what tool you used to create it; it can always be stored for tracking and future access.

And the more documents the happier you will get, because with uiProject your full team can easily get to it, everywhere and all the time.

For each document you may add alternative formats to ensure that everyone can see the contents, even if they don't have the CAD application that was used to create it as an example.

Attributes, attributes, attributes

Not everything is in a document

In uiProject you can attach attributes to almost everything: to documents, articles and even to the project itself. If you would like to, you can even have different attribute sets for different types of articles and for different types of documents.

With attributes you can track price and status, you can define an article's color and you can set who has responsibility for the completion of an article without putting it inside a document.

Attributes are valuable allies for getting quick overviews and for filtering out the data that interests you.

Revisioning and Approvals

Keeping the past and ensuring the future

With uiProject's document revisioning you can rest assure that nothing will get overwritten by accident. You know that your team always have access to the latest data and they can get up to speed on what updates have been made since last time. A document revision can be locked for modification so that all in the team can see that it's going to be updated together with a description of what the intended updates will cover.

If it so happens that your organization has need for an approval process it's super easy to define and use one in uiProject.


A snapshot of how it was

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and find out what specifications were actually used to create and build that certain prototype? Well, Baselines will make your day.

Bottom-up, article by article you define and store your build configuration. uiProject will then let you access and browse exactly those the articles and those document revisions at anytime in the future no matter how many iterations you have done since then.

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