Benefits with uiProject

Brings structure to your work

With uiProject you define a structure of articles that become the spine of your information. To these articles you attach the data your team generates. May it be documents like CAD drawings, test specifications, certification reports and quotes or attributes like color, quantity and price. It's just as simple. You can even tie a blog to each position in the structure. All data conveniently stored in one common place.

Data stored in uiProject is easily accessed by all the team ensuring that everybody always can work on the correct and latest, up-to-date data. And uiProject being a cloud service, you always have your data at your fingertips, not only at office but also when you visit a partner.

Full featured toolbox

The tools you need are all there

Product Structure

Document Locking and Revisioning


Configuration Management and Variants


No, PDM doesn't have to be all backwards, difficult to use and utterly boring

All data is organized just as the way you think it would be: by project and article

An interface that is not only intuitive but also easy on the eye

Adaptive interface that ensures that you to find the function you're looking for

Runs on tables and phones as well as on your computer

Zero startup time

Forget that introducing PDM needs a time plan and extensive budget

No installations needed

Choose from existing configurations for article and document numbering

No need for a manual or education to use


Finally a PDM system that leaves that last row black

Subscribe month per month

Pay by year and get a discount

Only pay for actual usage


Your data is Your data

All data trafic encrypted with SSL

Segregated databases for all customers

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